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It has been believed that human being and universe are the most unbelievable technology our master, God, had put up in the recent history of life, for now and forever! Therefore, we all agree that God loved man so much and even with His plans with the creature, God was somehow fundamental. He gave him great joy and hope in life had the devil not come. The universe is known as the resting zone of our creator with His wealth. He did not want anything bad to up rise against His great art. His expectation with almost everyone was to be free and to get maximum freedom and not maximum jail or imprisonment which life now provides us every minute.

Now this book, called THE SECRET PRISON, talks about how human beings are surrounded by several prisons, some are visible while some are existing, invisible.


From birth to death, human beings and the world forces come in like emetics force to create pain and suffering to human life until death calls them.


This book also reveals exactly what God created on earth to help man and what men also made to assist themselves but is now turned against them and put them on collision and life confinement.

Each chapter gives the real solution to social, financial and environmental challenges man is usually faced with to make him land into unreasonable feelings and troubles.

In several occasions, we, the normal or abnormal persons will find that some of our sources of life can cause us pain or great worry. Life sometimes becomes harsh and both financial search and environmental implication can make one’s mind to read negative zero and force you into the life custody.


Margy and I became friends and later got married.  We both had a clear vision of our future and focused to grow big in life. Little did we know that sooner or later, life would spell doom and challenge our wisdom. Our friends and three children are keenly watching our space. Some feel how difficult we run our life, while majority are enjoying the painful life experiences we have been going through.

If all of us can keep a good memory on how St. Paul suffered while he was struggling to spread Christianity. The people whom he had shared meals with when he was serving kings were the same people who turned against him and did all unspeakable things to him.

People usually ask why he led a poor life while some of his or her age mates were rich. The answer is definitely no. He didn’t. Indeed, there is no one who can enjoy life even if they have money and I know too well that one must be in a provision of life elsewhere.

Right from birth, if man can vividly think and look back to how he or she grew up in their family, including the challenges they as individuals passed through and later after getting something small, they again change their character. They either use funny words or behaviors which are drastically done to your close friends and relatives and call people enemies or beggars.

Even where you’re employed, before you rise into the rank of any position you were civilian and after getting privileged, you show your true colors in life and put the rest of your staff into a prison of feelings.


There are several hidden prisons apart from the ones known by the government and world experts. Here in Kenya, the number of such secret prisons is growing each day. Some homes with cruel people have developed the habit of kidnaping some rich families in order to earn a ransom on which they live by.  The harsh life in the prison of the mind and our unfavorable weather has also created the worst state of life for our sons and daughters and hence forced them to revolt to uncalled for life.

The world war is none other than all these human prisons and the government, church, families and individuals. They are equally giving up on the war to save their people who are compelled to join the confinement state of life.

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