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My name is Dr. E. Okinda, Director Worldlink Press, Author and an Inspirational speaker. I’ve given academic counseling lectures to over 3,000 schools in the past 30 years with the result that any school I ever give a lecture has a guarantee of breaking record in performance. My miraculous lecture has been a guarded secret for many years but because of coronavirus I have decided to record it and sell it to schools through email or send a download link at a cost of KSHS 5,000.

Upon sending the money through lipa na m pesa,Buy goods and services till no. 5179615 amount 5,000, m pesa pin,ok and forward the payment message to 0727054575 or 0718989058 we shall dispatch the lecture to your school ( and send a receipt ) and you can use a projector to watch it at your convenience either the whole school or per class.

The lecture is relevant for all classes.

Most of you who are teachers today must remember Dr Okinda having visited your school and given you a life changing lecture that I’m sure you cherish to this day.
This is a lecture that guarantees improved performance per student in THREE DAYS!
It deals with such important areas like;

i ) Time management
ii ) Revision Timetables
iii ) How to read and understand
iv ) How to organise study topics
v ) The role of discussion groups in enhancing better performance
vi ) Active class participation
vii ) How to answer examination questions including terms used in setting questions.
Order yours today!

Dr E. Okinda
Regional Director
Worldlink Press Publishers
Nairobi. or view many more lectures on my YouTube channel ID Edward Okinda.

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