Sponsors too want beauties with brains

Yvonne Odongo sometime back posted something interesting on social media.

It read: “They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but they didn’t tell me that the beholder would be the media, peer pressure, society.

Suck in your stomach, they said. You need good cheekbones, a thunder thigh a gap, be thinner, curvier…So I tried EVERYTHING!! They never told me that in order to be beautiful, you don’t need to be perfect.

You have to be yourself. And love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY. Women are more than their sex appeal.

This is more like a poem, but come to think of it, society has for so long put pressure on the girl child and turned her into a sex object.

When a girl is young, most of the commendations will be, “Isn’t she beautiful?” No one offers words like, “Isn’t she athletic, clever and hard working?” And so, from the beginning, it’s like her mission on earth is confined to ‘looking beautiful.’

Interestingly, most of these ladies have made it known that they can only be judged by their physical looks — above every other thing. Unfortunately, it is assumed that one has to be light- skinned — yellow yellow – to score big in life.

This is why you will find most of our girls bleaching their skins, only to expose themselves to dangerous chemicals. And don’t you dare blame men on this one!

But again, in most societies, beauty is a factor only up to a certain age — say 18-24 years. After this period of time, what matters is how best one integrates into society, intellectually.

Women who are preoccupied with beauty are left behind, and thus begin to struggle to fit into society.

This is the time when many girls realise that they wasted precious years trying to look beautiful and young — shelving their career goals to enhance their looks.

On Facebook and other social media platforms,you will find young girls posting pictures showing off their pronounced physical features with some very sexy poses.

Innocent girls are lured into dangerous practices just to look beautiful and curvy — some undertake expensive surgical procedures even in the hands of quacks to have that glass-hour shape.

The problem is that the era of men looking for beauty escort girls alone is slowly fading — even ‘sponsors’ today want beauty with brains.

If you think that beauty is everything, then you are in for a rude shock. Go to school and build a career, not your looks, well in real sense we do not advocate for Sponsors, wide is the gate that leads to death, narrow is the gate that leads to life and only a few find it. Matthew 7:13-14. God loves you, stay blessed in Christ Jesus.

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