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  • Are you one of the people who’s worried about Divorce and family squabbles? The world can’t hold back their tears as several families horribly mistreat each other to claim on the unknown. Majority of us have resorted into an idea or porpulars “come we stay life” which is becoming popular in a society. Even if this comes to be a reality the human social set up dos required a united and vibrant organized unit that can foster progress and trap all our social development idea. From the recent look of life abnormal changes that have occurred since 1990, the economic hardship has raised new demands in life. Most of us are locked in the room of fighting, a fight between ourselves, demands, children and wives. Our hostile nature could be seen through the glass and lens which is playing a hard in this game and we can wake up to adjust our nuts to fight back the enemies.

    Break a Family Bliss and Take a Dose

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    Discipline for Successful Education is based on proven practical success methods that work. The authors are experienced in youth counselling and guidance .

    Discipline for Successful Education

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    Tajiriba ya miaka mingi ya kuandaa wanafunzi kwa mitihani ya kitaifa katika kiwango cha shule za upili imenifunza kuwa si wengi ambao hushabikia maswali ya ushairi katika mitihani.Wengi wamejazwa kasumba potofu kuwa ushairi ni utanzu mgumu.Jambo hili limeniatua moyo kwani kulingana nami,huu ndio utanzu mwepesi zaidi ambao kwao,mtahiniwa anaweza kukwangura alama za juu zaidi.Hii ndiyo imekuwa sababu kubwa ya kuandika kitabu hiki ili,japo kwa njia finyu,kichangie katika kuimarisha matokeo ya wanafunzi kwenye kitengo cha ushairi.

    Diwani ya Tamasha

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  • This Book is a collection of two short stories and a poem. The first one is a short story about the dangers of H. I. V/AIDS. There is a strong message to our youths to be vigilante in the fight against the disease which is still claiming many lives. The other story JOSE is about the evils of alcoholism which is another silent epidemic destroying the lives of not just youths, but also parents, both fathers and mothers who have innocent children. It spares nobody, read and expound your knowledge

    Forbidden Love

  • Some schools perform well while others perform poorly. If a headteacher is transferred from school that has been performing well and replaced by a relatively uncommitted head the results will drop drastically. This also applies to a committed teacher who on leaving a school the performance in his subject drop.

    Guidlines to Successful Teaching and Headship in Schools and Colleges

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    Two key themes cross my mind as I pen down this introduction to How to Handle Success in the 21st Century. One is a Prophetic Word I heard from Bob Harper, SBC, 23/12/2015. “How do I speak to a land and a continent that has grown dull of hearings and the desire to hear? How do I speak to a people that has come to depend on its own wealth, that finds security in the trinkets that it has access to? How do I speak to those who have so readily accepted lies from the father of lies, from Satan, from the pit of hell? I can only do so through difficulty, through tribulation that affects everyone, and through fear. The nation and the continent will tremble in fear. And many will come to believe in Me, for no tribulation overcomes my love for My creation.

    How to Handle Success in the 21st Century: A treatise for today’s Christian

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    How To Pass Exams Lecture by Edward Okinda

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    Kidum Kibido: Man from Kinama **Unlock the Untold Story of a Music Legend** "Is religion a mere construct of human imagination, or does it embody deeper truths beyond human comprehension?" This question, among countless others, is answered through Kidum's life journey. **About the Book:** Step into the hidden world of Kidum Kibido, the celebrated singer-songwriter whose journey from Kinama to global stardom is filled with thrilling adventures and profound revelations. **Why You'll Love This Book:** - **Gripping Narrative:** Get hooked from the first page. - **Emotional Depth:** Experience the highs and lows of Kidum's life. - **Thought-Provoking:** Challenge your views on religion and faith. - **Inspiration:** Draw strength from Kidum's resilience and courage. **Dedicated to Seekers of Hope:** This book is for all those in search of hope and strength. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Kidum faced similar struggles and emerged victorious. **What Readers Are Saying:** *"An enthralling read. I couldn't put it down."* – Sarah T. *"A powerful story of resilience and courage."* – Michael R. **Don’t Miss Out:** Download "Kidum Kibido: Man from Kinama" now and join the countless readers inspired by this extraordinary story. Click [here] to get your copy today—your adventure awaits!  

    Kidum Kibido: Man From Kinama

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    Pockets Facts For Wealth Creation is a book that guarantees the reader retention of money in their pockets forever. It is a book that if the contents are abided by will make one bid bye bye to poverty and welcome wealth and prosperity in their lives at once.

    Pocket Facts For Wealth Creation

  • Rising and Falling Time ,We have lived in this world with a lot of questions, doubts and walked through darkness. Many times, when, you sit down or walk along the streets. It will be found that each hour or minutes, your brain and mind of each individuals are scouting several great and small things around him or her life. At the same time thinking about other people who lived far and near him as well. The moment a child is born ,everyone and the parents would have wished him or her to raise up and walk upright and this would just come to pass in a few years to come and still after many years in life even when he or she grow up to his or her old age, he will again fall back to the ground and usually unable to walk smoothly without any support at all because of age weakness. People doesn’t believe that one day, power and energy of everyone will vanished and he or she will remain empty and powerless to walk and talk. The rising and falling concept in this book emphases your thinking and mindset which usually post questions on your real life about your character and challenges, people always face and meet at a certain stage of social life during birth and death time. We must question the roles of your friends, families and relatives, your good and bad character used to affect the whole society at large and your family. Several people think that when they are poor, rich and even rise up to a higher level of power and position, then they will remain up there forever and some also believed that once they lived a poor life so, this will not come to change even to his future families now, the human life and all our activities can change every day and with time when we doesn’t even expect that to occur in your lifetime. Individuals are having multiples of problems which remains unsolved for decades and some people close to them too may end up facing equal battles in life or ought to change how they intend to live and ignore so many things around them altogether, but pride and boastful life has created a bigger rift and valley in human expectation and hence creates a major falls in life just like determination of reaching to success period and falling period knocking in your doorsteps.

    Rising and Falling Time

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    Rich in language and style, adventurously told, The Journey Master is a novel about journeys- literal and metaphorical, adventures, savannah-life experiences, decisions, failure and a strong determination to defeat fate. The story, with overwhelming humour throughout the book, revolves around education set-up making it suitable for learners in all levels of learning, cultural enthusiasts and lovers of adventure. It employs a lot of creativity and embraces the African art of storytelling. It is therefore ideal for school edition.

    The Journey Master

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    The Power of Positivity

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    "The Secret Prison" is a profound exploration of the metaphorical prisons that bind human existence, written against the backdrop of Kenyan society. It examines the paradoxical nature of life, where the very elements meant to liberate humanity—be it religion, relationships, societal structures, or personal achievements—often become the chains that restrict us. The narrative delves into the story of Margy and the author, their marriage, and the shared vision that is tested by life’s vicissitudes. Interwoven with personal anecdotes, the book compares modern struggles with the tribulations of St. Paul, highlighting the universal and timeless nature of human suffering.

    The Secret Prisons

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    You’re Up

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