Do you read ebooks, or avoid reading them?

Does it seem to you awkward and inconvenient to read ebooks on the screen?

Well, this depends on what ebook you are reading. If you read a novel, this would be inconvenient, because you would probably like to read it on the bus, sitting in a park, or lying in bed. In these situations, you would prefer a book, which you can carry with you. Actually, nowadays, you can read a novel on an electronic reading device, such as Ipad or Kindle, which can carry with you.

With textbooks and guides this is different. You don’t read them for hours. You read for a few minutes, and then you have to think about what you have read, and most importantly, practice it. Ebooks on meditation, concentration, self-discipline, or on self-improvement, are not read like a novel, but just few pages at a time.

You would probably avoid reading a novel of 300 pages on the screen of your computer, but you can definitely do so with textbooks, no matter how many pages they contain.

Do you avoid reading ebooks, because you need to download them, and you don’t know how? Downloading and opening them are simple and easy processes, and most ebook sellers offer guidance on how to do that.

Do you avoid reading ebooks, because you don’t like to read them on the screen of your computer? There are many ebook sellers, who allow you to print the ebook with your home printer.

Are you afraid the ebook is not worth the money? Most ebooks sellers and authors offer you a free chapter or excerpts from their ebooks, which can help you judge the quality of the ebook. Often, you can find on the Internet articles by the author, so you can judge how she or he writes.

If, for some reason, you don’t like the ebook, or if it is not what you were looking for, you can get a refund in most cases. Actually, websites post a clear notice about their refund policy.

Do you avoid buying and reading ebooks, because you are not computer savvy? The whole process of downloading and opening an ebook is quite simple and easy. A twelve years old boy and eighty years granny can do it.

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